Family Service & Gift Day – Sunday 17 November

Christian Blind Mission Gift Day- Sunday 17th November

At our Family Service we will hear about the Christian Blind Mission, an international charity with an office in Oakington. Driven by Christian values, CBM tackles poverty, prevents blindness, improves health and changes the lives of disabled people. Heather Pritchard, a church member who works there, will speak and there will be an opportunity to give.

What could our donations achieve?

£40 could buy a school sight-test pack so children’s vision problems can be identified
early and treated.
£120 could help train a teacher to meet the needs of children who struggle to see.
£190 could pay for cataract surgery for a child blind in both eyes, restoring their sight
an enabling them to fulfil their full potential
£310 could cover the cost of essential optical equipment, which will be used in
hospital to diagnose thousands of people’s eye conditions
£926 covers the cost of a day’s outreach surgical team, so that people living with eye
conditions in poor and rural areas can have access to treatment and the chance to fully participate and contribute to their communities again.