Olaudah Equiano the Abolitionist and Author: A Public Talk by Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi

On Saturday, 18 May at 2 pm, St Andrew’s Church, Chesterton, will host Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi of the Open University. Dr Brown-Leonardi will give a public talk entitled Olaudah Equiano the Abolitionist and Author: His Life and Family in Cambridgeshire. This talk launches an exciting season celebrating the links between Chesterton and the Equiano Family!

Olaudah Equiano the Abolitionist and Author explores Equiano’s talent as a campaigner and his skill to present and change perceptions of the slave trade at all levels of 18th-century British society. It further offers insights into the lives of Equiano’s family and their connection to Chesterton.

The 18th of May event offers an opportunity to share your views on how the Equiano family are commemorated in Chesterton. So come along, and let’s have a conversation!

There will also be a supplementary talk by our vicar, Philip Lockley, introducing a new arts, history and education project at St Andrew’s Chesterton: The Equiano Family Project. The event is free with donations to the Equiano Family Project welcome.