Christmas Cuppa Appeal

This Advent we are supporting the work of the Buckingham Emergency Food Appeal (BEFA), an East Anglian charity which is seeking donations of hot drinks for their ‘Christmas Cuppa Appeal’ to help provide warm, comforting drinks throughout the winter months. BEFA’s highest profile initiative is to provide full Christmas lunch to a number of organisations, such as domestic violence refuges, soup kitchens and night shelters. Less well known is their year round support to vulnerable people via such institutions, including sometimes giving out made up hot drinks, and sometimes providing supplies for such people to make their own.

We are supporting that work by collecting any hot drink donations, including hot chocolate, coffee, tea, Horlicks, Ovaltine, of any size, from catering packs to individual sachets. We will have a box at the back of the church to collect donations from people coming to services during the Advent period (but it will not be left out when the church is unattended). All donations will be much appreciated. Thank you.