Refugee response

Earlier this year we started promoting a project run by Cambridge City Council with Hope Cambridge supporting those who found themselves homeless. The city council were asking churches if they could help find hosts who could provide temporary lodgings.

We understand that a number of people have approached local churches asking if they can respond in some way towards the current refugee crisis. Some of you have asked whether there is a way you can open up your homes to house refugees.

We have an existing Supported Lodgings Scheme, set up as a partnership between Cambridge City Council, Hope Cambridge and other local authorities that encourages friendly, compassionate local “hosts” to take in someone in housing need. We currently have around 30 people waiting for accommodation – they are from a variety of backgrounds but all would make suitable lodgers. We want to help them before their situation worsens.

At this stage, there’s a lot we still don’t know in terms of the numbers, timescales and processes involved in welcoming refugees to Cambridge. However, by developing a network of “hosts” amongst local churches and community groups, we’ll be in a stronger position to provide accommodation for refugees when the need arises.

So if you’re interested in opening up your home then please contact Andy King on 01223 457920 or email

Peter Wood, Ely Diocese Director of Mission