New booking system for main Sunday morning services in church

Our new booking system, ‘Ticket Tailor’, is now up and running! This is for reserving seats for the main Sunday morning services in church. (8am Holy Communion services and any 5.30pm services held in church do NOT need to be booked – just turn up!)
Click here ( to reserve seats. You will need to provide your name(s) and your email address. You can reserve a single seat (orange), a double seat for couples (blue) or a family/bubble seat (green). The family seats will take up to five (at a squeeze). If, when you book, a category is no longer available, just book the next one up; so e.g. if all the orange seats have gone, a single person can book a couples space (blue); and if those have all gone, an individual or a couple can book a family/bubble space (green). This booking system ensures that everyone is socially distanced from everyone else apart from those they are living with (or in a bubble with). Please print out your ticket or make a note of your seat number and bring it with you, as well as your face mask/covering. If you have any problems and would like help booking in, please phone Linda on Mondays/Wednesdays at the hall office (01223 306150).