Music and worship survey

Download the Music and Worship Survey 2015

Twelve years ago we conducted a survey about the services and worship at St Andrew’s; Nick and the PCC have decided that it’s time we took the temperature again… We are particularly keen to know what you think about the range of services at St Andrew’s (too similar or too diverse?), our musical content (too traditional or too modern?), the role of the choirs (too much choir-only singing or not enough?) and our inclusion of children and young people (too many all-age services or not enough?).

You need not add your name at the end – but it helps us encourage those who haven’t yet replied. Please feel free to leave blank questions you would rather not answer. Chris will be aggregating the results and the findings will be given to Nick and the PCC – so they won’t know who has said what! A summary of results will be published for all to read.

You can download the survey as a Word document to fill out and return electronically — just email it to Or if you’d prefer you can print it out and return it to the box at the back of the church. Please use multiple copies if other family members would like to contribute their individual views and comments.

This approach saves everybody time so please join in – it is your opportunity to reflect and influence. (Ideally, try to complete this form in the next five days). We all look forward to the outcome.